new jersey home inspection company

Better home inspections is a full service, residential and commercial inspection company. When you hire an inspection company you would like to know the inspector has had many years of hands on experience in both the construction trades and in customer service. Do not accept a textbook trained inspector but actually an inspector that can build a house from start to finish, all systems, not subbing anything out. You also want an inspector that has hand on experience in renovations of older homes, all systems, as that may be part of your plans to renovate a home. Unfortunately New Jersey set the standards low to become a licensed Inspector, at first standards were higher but then lowered as a lot of potential inspectors complained. They wanted to get right out there charging full prices when in fact they are gaining experience, at your expense, on your largest purchase, YOUR HOME.

Ron De Mott owner of Better Home Inspections, started out building high end kitchens along with renovations for Saint Charles kitchens in Summit, New Jersey - then worked as a Forman and or superintendent overseeing all aspects of building systems, plumbing, electrical and structural in the Carpenters union. Then from there Ron started building and renovating fine homes for sale in the early 90s. It was during the early 90s Ron started evaluating homes for investors. These investors needed expert information as their profit depended on the inspection. From there B H I became, from word of mouth, a growing company. Although B H I has trained many inspectors in the past that went on to their own successful companies. Ron choose to be the only inspector at B H I as each home gets his undivided attention.

Our customer service is second to none. An experienced office manager answers all calls. Lori has been to many training seminars, and trained on actual inspections and can intelligently answer all your very important inspection questions during your first phone call, no waiting around for the inspector to get back to you. As stated we are a full service company, only one phone call gets you all the inspections you need. Entire dwelling, wood destroying insects and radon.

In these tough times our prices have been adjusted to meet your needs as we know the importance of saving a dollar. But keep in mind saving a lot on an inspection will most likely cost you a lot more in repairs of what a much lower priced inspector missed. B H I prices reflect the experience along with these times, call today for a price quote. you will find us to be very fair.